About us

Giving life to your creativity!

Our mission is to help you realize your most amazing projects. Our crowdfunding platform is dedicated to all projects that appeal to the universe of sex and eroticism, and whatever the field: New Technologies, Sex Toys, Art, … Sex My Crowd is full of creativity and innovation! The only limit is your imagination!

How does the platform work?

The objective of the crowdfunding platform is to highlight and promote every accepted projects, by sharing on any digital or print support.

Every project creator submits their project to Sex My Crowd. They defines and describes precisely their project and sets their funding goal and deadline. Then Sex My Crowd team determines if the project can be publish on the platform. Once published, if people like the project, they can make a pledge to support the project. In case the funding goal must be achieved for the project to be financed, no one is charged when the project fails, and pledge are canceled. I the other case, the funder is debited for the amount he choose.

At the end of the campaign, when a project is funded, Sex My Crowd applies a 5% fee to the funds collected.

Who is behind Sex my Crowd?

Sex my Crowd is a project conducted by Maud, a zesty and bold woman. Supported by her husband Damien, a brilliant and passionate multifaceted scientific, Maud embarked on the adventure and she thought and build Sex my Crowd, down to the smallest details. Today crowdfunding is an integral part of our society, a society free and open to creativity, but a whole section had been completely forgotten: sex! Amazed by this fact the couple saw in this project the opportunity to bring a concept trend and enable thousands of people to get finance their projects.